My dog has a new collar on and because he is so smart, he only got too close to the property line three or four times. The collar emits a warning signal, letting mim know he is getting close. The same day we put this on him, he has stayed clear of the fence line. Now, if he does get past us, into the yard he is a little cautious, but still very enthusiastic! He goes out, and is alert, but not darting up the road. It’s like he instantly became a good dog. I really Love it. Glad I have it. My only regret is i did not get this done sooner.

- Lawrence Manzi

Ct Pet Containment System will allow your pet friends access to run and romp in your yard while keeping them confined within safe boundaries. Granting your pet access to such an environment will help to promote good mental and physical health, as well as giving you the joy of knowing that you’ve done something wonderful for your beloved pet.

- Yeymi Velez

Definitely The Best Investment we ever made. Great Job, Great Install, Great Traning, Reasnable Price, I definitely Recommend calling Ct. Pet Containment Co. at once if you have Dog. There is nothing like having this Underground Fence.

- Richard C.

We have Two Dogs The Fence is working great both Dogs were trained well and take this very seriously. Thank you Kevin Glad to Finally have this Fence ! Will be in touch if we have any problems.

- Mark O.

We are Always Very Happy to have Ct.PET CONTAINMENT CO to call on any time for any reason.The Service for many years now has been "GREAT".

- Doris K.

Kevin Smith installed my underground fence over 15 years ago and it still works perfectly today! I first had a Cocker Spaniel, now have 2 Jack Russells. Kevin was excellent in training my dogs and knew exactly how to deal with their different personalities. Each dog learned very quickly where their boundaries were and made only 1 or 2 mistakes before becoming fully trained. My dogs are now very happy, have lots of room to run and play, and best of all I know they are very safe. I highly recommend Kevin and the CT Pet Containment Company.

- Diane M.

I have two dogs and wanted them to be safe. In the past they had gotten loose a few times and i live in a remote area. I shopped around for pricing and decided to go with Mr. Smith because of his price and also his knowledge and experience. I am very happy with the quick install and detailed trained i received. Thank you Mr. Smith, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to contain their pet.

- Larry M.

We are more then pleased with our new Fence! We are amazed at how fast the Dog Has learned not to go past his new Boundaries. Thank You for doing such a Great Job.

- Rose S.

Terrific Company To Deal With. Kevin The Owner Came Out On A Sunday To Look At My Requirements And Discuss Costs Etc. Within A Week I Had My Fence Put In Hassle Free. Kevin And His Crew Showed Up On Time And Did An Awesome Job. Now My Precious Best Friend Is Safe And Happy. Happy Dog, Happy Family, Happy Home! Pretty Terrific Don't You Think. Thank You Connecticut Pet Containment For The Great Service At A Very Reasonable Price.

- Cal S.

I was referred to CT Pet Containment by a neighbor and another friend. Kevin has been so helpful and always willing to call me back for any questions that I have long after the fence was installed. He is reliable and caring. Thank you Kevin for your professionalism and service!

- Amber P.